Owing to the numerous advances in computer and the Internet technology, and now cloud computing services and big data, we are experiencing major changes in our life. Nowadays, the number of factors that influence management is so huge and complex that neither sophisticated theories nor elegant advanced models can offer complete and effective solutions. The challenges are in many ways fundamental that require closer collaboration to draw upon a collective wisdom across different disciplines. Data can enable, encourage and enhance such collaborative linkages. Data Sciences, Information Sciences and Management Sciences are by their very nature interdisciplinary. In our information-intensive era, to remain competitive, maintain constant vigilance and safeguard integrity and security in modern management, we have to rely on big data. Beyond any doubt data ****ytics has become an integral part of and is integrating information and management sciences. JDIM is a unique and premiere platform for disseminating most up-to-date research and development in the data-information-management interdisciplinary problems. JDIM will offerthe business world a venue that prudently balances practical applicability and theoretical rigour.

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